What Clients Are Saying

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"This was the easiest tax time I have ever had.  I am beginning to feel easier about the subject of money.  Thank you for helping me."  - JC

"Once again, thanks for being a great business partner and helpful advisor!"  - MS

"Despite my best intentions, I didn't leave myself enough time to figure out a semi-complex tax situation on my own. A friend referred me to Sundhara for help; Sundhara was gracious and helpful despite the short notice, and helped me understand tax rules applicable to my situation, ultimately saving me a few thousand dollars I may have paid had I filed based on my use of TurboTax!"
- EC

"As Tony The Tiger would say, Greeeeeeeeaat on this year's tax return and of course all the others in the past, what? 7 or 8 years? One thing that I have learned to do when walking into your office, Smile. Because, I always know that whether I end up owing or getting a refund that you have worked hard for my best interest and besides, it's hard not to smile when you are always smiling. Thank you very much, and I'll be seeing you in July."
- MP & LP

As seen on Yelp:

“Sundhara has been doing my taxes for the last six years. She is always calm when I am not. Anything to do with taxes surpasses my anxiety level of a root canal. She got me through an audit which had added several more zeroes behind the amount the IRS figured I owed them. She is prompt in returning my emails even during tax season. And, I often have questions regarding taxes in the "off season". I can actually get in touch with Sundhara any time of year unlike some tax people. She has helped me survive the sale of two homes and puts up with my long list of charitable donations. And, she serves chocolate at her desk along with a great little credit card size "stress meter". I also appreciate working with a woman for some reason.”
- HD

"I was recommended to Sundhara because I was starting a business. Wow did talking with her make a huge difference in our strategy for the year. She made everything so easy to understand and really made sure we had a roadmap on what to do during the year so we weren't stressed about tax time. Since our first meeting, I've sent over several questions and requested forms as needed, and every time I get a response within a couple hours! She is an expert and her staff is fantastic! Go! You won't regret working with these guys!"  -MS

"Can't say enough about Sundhara and her team! I am "that" client that literally shows up with a box full of receipts and papers ....and sheepishly hands it over each tax season. As I apologize profusely, she just smiles and says not to worry. Thank you for all you do for my personal and business taxes. You truly make tax season much more 'serene'!" -JL

"We found Sundhara on Yelp.  I own my own business, and had done my own taxes the past several years.  I can't imagine how much money I probably LOST trying to SAVE money by not paying a CPA to file my taxes.  TurboTax just does not get you every penny.  Sundhara will.  She is patient and will find savings anywhere she can.  She even referred me to a Financial Advisor that may be able to assist me further.  If you care about your money...go to Serenity.  The ladies there are terrific.  They are very pleasant and literally made tax season peaceful and serene.  Her free was very reasonable and she saved me probably 7X what I paid for her services.  Anyone that understands ROI knows that's a good deal.  Next year, call Serenity to make your tax season a "peace" of cake."  -JA

"This year was the first time my wife and I didn't prepare our own taxes and I have to say it was a wonderful feeling. I always stress out about doing taxes and working with Serenity Tax was super easy. I got all my tax documents together and brought copies to my meeting with Sundhara. And that was pretty much it. The environment at her office was relaxing, and we ended up getting a bigger return than ever before thanks to several deductions we wouldn't have thought of." -SM

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